Stable relationships contribute to better health

If you are married or have a satisfying relationship, you are very lucky. Surely you’ve heard that married people tend to be healthier than single people, and now studies seem to prove it. Married people have better health, live longer and say they feel happier than single people, although the benefits are obtained only if the relationship is positive.

Stability is fundamental in many areas of life, including relationships. According to a study carried out by the University of Cardiff, in the United Kingdom, marriage and stable relationships are very beneficial for people who, in general, enjoy better physical and mental health. The study shows that married people are less likely than singles to die early (especially men) or to suffer from heart and cerebrovascular diseases (strokes).

Women in particular have better mental health, while men benefit more in the physical order. In the case of men, the study showed that it is due to the positive influence exerted by their partner; As for women, the best emotional and emotional balance is due to the fact that they give greater importance to the bond of love. And those advantages, instead of decreasing, increase with the passage of time.

Why this difference between single and married? Apparently, there are three reasons that explain it:

  • They have a more prudent behavior . When two people get married, they tend to take fewer risks (they tend to avoid, for example, the abuse of drugs and alcohol).
  • They acquire a stronger social connection. The social relationship with your partner becomes closer. It is your partner and an intimate source of support, always at your disposal. Many times singles run the risk of isolating themselves, which can lead to depression.
  • They care more about their health. The influence of your partner helps you maintain healthy habits. Each one reminds the other what not to do or eat, or perhaps that he should not smoke, or drink one more drink. And it is more likely that both follow the instructions of your partner and the doctor.

On the other hand, couples who live together without marrying, but in a stable relationship, also acquire many health and happiness benefits, although apparently not to such a high degree as those who are united in marriage. Anyway, having the unconditional love and support of another person who cares about your well-being, makes you take care of yourself and take care of the relationship, which results in better health.

And when the marriage does not work?
In order for the benefits of marriage to be maintained, however, it is essential that the relationship works well. A stormy relationship or marriage causes more harm than good, the benefits that come from living together disappear and even depressive symptoms occur. In comparison, singles and divorcees have better health and a more positive state of mind than people involved in a relationship that is not satisfactory.

Being in an unhappy marriage is not healthy, mentally or physically. One reason is that the chronic stress that produces a bad relationship can affect the immune system (defense), which ultimately harms health. In this case, women are more vulnerable than men, and feel more hostility in a relationship. As a result, they are more likely to suffer from obesity and hypertension. Men, on the other hand, tend to suffer from depression and abuse of drugs or alcohol. Both men and women suffer equally in a bad relationship, only that it manifests itself in a different way in both sexes.

A separation or a divorce are always difficult and stressful, sometimes emotionally devastating, but they represent an option that you should not rule out when the negative outweighs the positive in a relationship. Remember especially that people who end a bad relationship often recover, and enjoy a high quality life after divorce or separation.

What if you’re single? The ideal, of course, is that you do not set aside the possibility of living as a couple. But it is very important that you find the right partner. If you get involved in a negative relationship, you will not receive any of the benefits of marriage, because a bad relationship carries more health risks than staying single. While you are looking for your ideal partner, you can do several things to maintain good physical and mental health: take care of your body, do not isolate yourself, look at life in a positive way and surround yourself with people who love you and care about you, and who you are also willing to help. That never fails.

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