The truth about home remedies for hair loss

The popular wisdom accounts for an unlimited number of home remedies to prevent hair loss. But do they really work?

The pages of the Internet are full of home remedies that promise to prevent hair loss. One of the most striking consists of liquefying garlic, onions and a few drops of lemon and water, rubbing the mixture on the scalp and let it act at night. There is no scientific evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of the treatment but whoever has the courage to do it will surely have conjugal or family problems due to the odorous mixture.

Another mixture of home remedies that is considered magic to prevent hair loss are nettle, basil or watercress, in preparation and application similar to the previous one. Or the mixture of tomato and cloves, milk with saffron, egg whites and even coconut milk. Based on these natural elements, countless products have been developed that promise the prevention of hair loss and even its reappearance.

But the most curious thing is that there are also those who believe that staying head and feet up for five minutes a day increases blood flow and helps preserve hair that has not yet fallen.

Faced with the trick of standing on your head to prevent hair loss, the only thing I can tell you is that if it worked, we would see the bald people walking in their hands on the street. As for the other remedies to fight baldness, it is important to say that all those ingredients work better in salads or in any other culinary recipe than in the scalp, as it has not been scientifically proven that these home remedies help to prevent the fall hair related. It is possible that some of them delay the loss but do not prevent the fall, especially when it comes to people who have a genetic predisposition.

To treat common baldness or alopecia (the most frequent type of hair loss among those suffering from this condition and the only type that could be treated), the Food and Drug Administration (known as the FDA) approved a lotion called Minoxidil for cosmetic uses that , applied twice a day in the indicated amounts, improves blood flow to the follicles-the tiny spaces where each hair is born-and can stop hair loss. These results are not seen immediately, you have to wait several months and if it works, you have to continue using it so that it continues to have an effect. Your doctor may also prescribe some pills called Propecia (finasteride), which is another of the approved prescription treatments, but only for men.

But, if the cause of hair loss is not due to common baldness but to something else (stress, hypothyroidism, other hormonal changes, side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy, other medications or stress) it is not necessary to go to any of them. the home remedies mentioned. Just go to the dermatologist, who will determine if the hair loss is reversible or not and tell you the proper treatment, without “tear your hair.”

Taking into account the above, and if after seeing the dermatologist none of the treatments works, the best “trick” to endure (not to avoid) hair loss is resignation … and, of course, you can ask about the possibility of getting implants.

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